Spring Sessions 2016

Finally, my most favorite season of the year has officially arrived!


Vancouver is a beautiful city all year round but I think you will agree with me when I say that Spring time makes our city look extra pretty, thanks to the lovely explosion of cherry blossoms lining up many of our city blocks signifying the end of winter and the start of spring! These cherry blossoms, a.k.a. sakura trees, really are quite a sight to behold! Now if only they can stay there forever though, but the most they’ll be around will be 3 weeks tops :(

I am now booking cherry blossom family portrait sessions for the season. However, due to their fleeting nature and our predictably rainy weather (hello Raincouver! ;-), there will be a very limited number of sessions only.

If you would like to have your family photos taken with these ephemeral beauties, please contact me using the form here :)


Doumo arigatou gozaimasu to Koji & Miwa’s family :))


Spring time is a lovely season to get your family portraits taken.
You may contact me here to book your Spring 2016 family portrait session :)