The Philippines

The Philippines is a tiny country located in Southeast Asia composed of more than 7,100 wonderful little islands. I grew up in one of those islands, the “main island” actually, in the island of Luzon, in a tinier spot therein called Metro Manila, which is the busiest, craziest, most congested part of the Philippines.

In the photos below, I’ve chosen to share with you just how beautiful and serene our nation can be, away from all the chaos and madness that you’ve probably heard about in the news. I’ve only been to probably just 5 out of the 7,100+ islands so I’m sure there are still so many more breathtaking sights waiting for me to explore.¬†

With thousands of islands and beach destinations to choose from, centuries-old majestic rice terraces to behold, rich forest and marine biodiversity (we’ve got some of the best dive spots in the world), and not to mention, some of the most friendliest, kindest, happiest, warmest people you’ll ever meet, the Philippines is a tropical paradise and I invite you to come over to see it for yourself. ¬†Just hop on a plane or take one of the many inter island boats and feel free to visit some of our 7,107 islands today =)

Please click on the images to enjoy a bigger, clearer view :)