My Furbaby, Blingbling.

Blingbling was born in the summer of 2011 and was a gift from my uncle to my grandma who was excited at the prospect of having a small dog to show off in her purse ala Paris Hilton back then


Blingbling was tiny when my grandma received her and we thought that she would stay small forever, the way a teacup poodle was supposed to be. To my grandma’s big disappointment though, Blingbling started growing into a large furball and became too big to be stuffed into a purse.


So my grandma lost interest in her and somehow, Blingbling just started following me around like a lost orphan puppy and I very gratefully accepted her and I became her official furmom. I learned later on that she was actually a “miniature” poodle and not a teacup poodle, which explains her size! Since then, we’ve been inseparable and she goes with me wherever I go. Prior to my leaving the Philippines to move to Canada in 2013, she was my constant companion 24/7, never leaving my side.


I once came across a quote online that said “Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend has never owned a dog” and I can’t help but agree completely. I never quite understood how dogs could be so special until I met Blingbling. While no girl, including myself, could ever resist the sparkle of diamonds, the unconditional love and loyalty that Blingbling has given to me is more precious than any jewel in the world. She is my baby girl and my bestest friend forever.


Now that we’re oceans apart, I can’t wait to be reunited with her again. Before I left Manila, I trained Blingbling to get used to her travel crate for the plane ride to Vancouver. Initially, the plan was to bring her with me when I moved but I realized it wouldn’t be in her best interest since I wouldn’t have the stability to take care of her in a new city yet. So little by little, day by day, I’ll make everything ready and find my own pet-friendly place so that when the day comes, Blingbling will be comfortable in her new home when she arrives. For now, Blingbling is surrounded with love from my family in the Philippines and is probably sitting on the couch watching TV with my grandma as I type this =) — (^written in 2013) ….


Update: In 2022, at the young age of 11 years old, Blingbling finally took the 12-hour plane ride with me from Manila to Vancouver. After almost a decade, dreams do come true and we finally found a pet-friendly place together where she is totally thriving and loving her new life in Canada! :)


Photo on this page by Nicolai Melicor.