Families Are Forever

Family portraits are a window to the past and a proof of love.

……..I’ve been asked what it is that i love most about doing what I do. Through the years I have witnessed families grow, babies in their first stages of infancy becoming toddlers, children turning to teenagers, the bond between parents becoming stronger through the years, families ever evolving, growing, becoming even more beautiful through time. What an honor it is to able to capture a slice of time in a family’s history year after year, and to be able to create a tangible legacy that is sure to be cherished by families and their loved ones for generations.


……..Among my most prized possessions are my grandparents’ baby and family photos circa 1930’s. I was quite surprised to find them one day at our ancestral home in Manila, and that their own parents were forward-thinking enough back then to have photos of them professionally taken. They did not know it then but those photographs were taken for me –their future generation, and that I would cherish these precious heirlooms with all my heart.


“We take photos as a return-ticket to moments otherwise gone.”  — I believe family photos and the memories that they encapsulate truly grow in value through the years and this is what I love most about doing what I do. More than just being a creative outlet and a technical skill, photographing the love of families is my heart’s truest calling and I can’t imagine doing anything else more amazing than that! =))  

“You will never have this day with your children again, tomorrow they will be a little older than they were today. So relish the charms of the present…it will be over before you know it,” says a quote I found from the internet. While I can’t verify the original source of this quote, I agree completely. Our families are simply precious beyond words. Spend time with them and remember how beautiful everything was one day by going back and looking at those sweet family photos. Family portraits are a window to the past and a proof of love. I believe everyone deserves beautiful photos with their family.

Let me take your family photos. Your future self will thank you one day for letting me do it — and your children and grandchildren will be thankful too for having family photos that they could go back to.

I look forward to meeting you and your family soon! You may send me a message here so we can plan your family portrait sesson! =)



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